Happpi PHP Library


Happpi is a PHP Library for developers that makes it easier to interact with the CURT API. Happpi takes the Object Oriented approach to PHP and takes the API responses and converts them to PHP Objects.

For Example: With Happpi you can retrieve all Parent Categories like so:

require_once('libraries/happpi/LoadAll.php'); // points to the LoadAll.php file for loading the library.
// once the library is required, you can now use one of the main "interaction" classes.
// These interaction classes contain methods that get information from our REST API and
// converts them to PHP objects for you to use.
$category = new CurtCategory(); // create new category object to use category's functions.
$MainCategories = $category->getParentCategories(); // call getParentCategories which returns a list of categories.
echo "<h2>Main Categories</h2>";
foreach($MainCategories as $category){ // step through the list of categories
	echo $category->getCatTitle(); // print the title of each category.
	echo "<br />";

To Install

Required Checklist:

  1. cURL needs to be installed on the web server
  2. You must open your php.ini file and make sure the DLL for cURL is not commented out with a semi-colon.
  3. Happpi Library Files need to be included into your project(s) directory(example)
Once you have everything installed you need to require