API (Application Programming Interface)

The CURT API is an actively developed project that is used to gain important product data from the CURT Manufacturing product database. It includes all vehicle year, make, model, and style information. It is also inclusive of all CURT product categories, CURT products, and the relationships between products.

API Version 2.x -- WILL BE DEPRECATED Oct. 1, 2015

Version 2.x of the CURT API is the fastest and most normalized set of data being offered to date from CURT Manufacturing. This version of the API is intended to scale very well. It is also meant to allow enough data access so that the user could potentially implement an entire site strictly by making API requests to CURT's servers. It will receive the most tender love and care from our development team to ensure the availability of data from whatever feasible relationship that may come up.

We have developed a console for testing our API. The console will allow you view populated examples of calls to the API, along with pretty-printing of structured response data in all supported formats. The API Console can be located at the link below.

This version of the API powers versions 2.x of the Hitch Widget and the CURT Manufacturing Website

View Console
View Documentation

Your API Keys can be found at their new spot by clicking the "View API keys" tab on the account settings page located within the dealers portal here: View API Keys

API Version 3.x -- BETA Release June 1, 2014

The current domain playground is: http://goapi.curtmfg.com

All documentation for this version of the API is available with the open source project here.