Happpi PHP Library


Retrieves a list of years of vehicles.

Return Type

Array of type:float

Required Parameters


Optional Parameters



    Optional: $vehicle->setMount(string $value)


	require_once('libraries/happpi/LoadAll.php'); // points to the LoadAll.php file for loading the library.
	// once the library is required, you can now use one of the main "interaction" classes.
	// These interaction classes contain methods that get information from our REST API and
	// converts them to PHP objects for you to use.
	$vehicle = new CurtVehicle(); // create new vehicle object to gain access to its functions.
	$vehicle->setMount("rear"); // set optional "dependency" of mount.
	$years = $vehicle->getYears(); // call getYears which returns an array of type float (for half years).
	echo "<h2>The list of years that has rear mounts</h2>";
	foreach($years as $year){ // step through the list of years
		echo $year;
		echo "<br />";