Happpi PHP Library


just a handy function for displaying both the key and the value.

Return Type

string "Key: Value"

Required Parameters


Optional Parameters





<!-- display() -->

	require_once('libraries/happpi/LoadAll.php'); // points to the LoadAll.php file for loading the library.

	// once the library is required, you can now use one of the main "interaction" classes.
	// These interaction classes contain methods that get information from our REST API and
	// converts them to PHP objects for you to use.

	$KeyValue = new CurtKeyValue(); // create a new KeyValue Object to gain access to its properties and methods.

	$KeyValue->setKey("Name"); // set the key
	$KeyValue->setValue("David"); // set the value

	echo $KeyValue->display(); // display the key value in a nice format.
	echo "<br />";
	echo $KeyValue->getKey() . ":" . $KeyValue->getValue(); // or you can display the key value pair in your own formating.