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Hitch Widget

Add CURT Products to your website with two lines of code!

Execution Example

Result Example

Hitch WidgetTM

Version 1.0 - Last Updated: Febuary 9, 2011

Sample Implementations

Default Stylesheet:

Dark Blue Stylesheet:

Beta Implementation:

Insert Code to add HitchWidgetTMto your site:

<div id="configurator" pricing="j_0.9" hitchdata="html" wiring="true" checkout="google" merchant_id="526246534226095" lookupstyle="curt" buynow="true"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


id-This option must be equal to “configurator”. Otherwise the script won’t be aware of what section of the page to add the lookup.

hitchdata-More features will be rolled into this parameter later on. For now hitchdata must be set to “html”. Later we will add the ability to change this to raw, and then we will return a JSON object for the results.

buyNow-true:show the ‘Buy Now’ button

false:hide the ‘Buy Now’ button

lookupStyle-default:loads the default stylesheet

darkBlue:loads dark blue stylesheet

curt: loads curt color scheme

* If no value is passed, stylesheet gets set to default.

** More stylsheets upon request.

logo-The URL location that your logo resides, if you’d like to display your logo in the search criteria bar.

accessories1.1-true: Display accessories tab in the hitch results.

wiring1.1-true: Display the wiring connector in the hitch results.

checkout1.1-Google: This is where you will be able to declare the checkout platform that you would like to integrate with.

* If you have a cart not on the list, contact Alex Ninneman ([email protected]).

merchant_id1.1-Merchant identification number for checkout integration


* number before the underscore - pricing type.

* number after underscore - price variation.

The CURT HitchWidget will work with SEO. You can link to result sets in any of the ways listed below.

Display hitch by product code

Display hitch by product ID

Display hitch results by vehicle parameters

If you would like to the results to not be added directly after the lookup, you must add the following line of code in the area of the page that you would like the results to be populated. (Caution - quotation marks may not copy out correctly. Check them after paste)

<div id=”hitchResults”></div>


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